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Worldwide leader in the field of High Definition cameras for Business Jets, 
OTONOMY Aviation offers a complete and innovative range of equipments and services for Security & Entertainment.
for Exception
Research For exception We use the latest innovations in technology, conception and testing, with the intent to give our clients full autonomy in their perimeter of security and comfort. We customize or upgrade every technical solution, by responding to the most advanced challenges.
Advanced Expertise As a flexible leader, we rethink ground aircraft Security, as well as in-flight Entertainment using the very latest technologies: embedded  alert systems, content on smartphone and tablet, lightened and long life batteries, real time and connected interfaces, data analysis, intuitive design, immersive experience, etc. 
Optimized Experience We give particular attention to high level contact in closeness and at a distance, with those who want the best in excellence: prescriber, decision-maker, equipment supplier, final user and pilot. Our approach to research and development is based on expertise, collaboration and experience sharing, a real guarantee of efficiency and reliability. 
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